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Common LinkedIn Challenges

Do you get frustrated by salesy inbound scripted messages on Linkedin and wonder if there is a better way? 

Are you disappointed with sending many connection requests and getting low acceptance rates?  

You have great content and feel despondent when you get low views and limited likes and comments? 

Are you watching people getting great results and wonder what secret you missed? 

Spending 99 USD a month on sales navigator and rarely use it?

If you are answering yes to any of these questions, you are like the majority of Solopreneurs using Linkedin to get more leads.

My data so far: 30% increase in profile views since last week, 2 new followers (who became connections after I reached out), 20 people approached as a result of them liking my posts or commenting. 1 sale call booked for today. This is an amazing system and I'm learning a great deal and getting leads. Wow! The coaching isn't therapy post has 53 likes & o&er&2200 views in 24 hrs. I put this down to a snappy graphic, use of good hashtags, emojis and a call for comments. In this post, I've implemented all Paul Higgins suggested strategies. Thanks, Paul - it works. Now, to convert into conversations...  

Maree Macpherson | Founder of Maree McPherson Consulting | Member of More Leads

Let me tell you a little on why I created More leads to get results for Maree and others like her.  

I have been using Linkedin since 2009 and I was not getting ROI for my efforts. I had a great business with limited leads. I was producing great content (self-assessed 😜) and getting no love.  

I bit the bullet and went and paid three of the top relationship-based Linkedin experts in the world to get their secret sauce. At the same time I joined a Linkedin collaboration group - sometimes referred to as a POD.  

Within a matter of weeks, my results changed. I went from 200 views to this:  

Now to be fully transparent, this post result was helped by the story behind it. My best mate is signing the form to consent to donating his kidney to me. A gift that keeps on giving. He is an amazing and generous human being. To prove it can work on a less heartfelt topic:

So how will this help you get more leads?

We believe Linkedin is the new place for ‘coffee chats’. 

Done right, you can meet new people, add value first and see if they would like to meet up again with you. All from the comfort of your own home. You can reach people from around the world.  

As in real life, you would not meet someone and ask them to pay for your coffee. Linkedin should be no different, but we have many examples of this happening.  

You have some great value to contribute to the world and we give you the secret behind making this come true.


Would you like to reduce your uncertainty about: 

How do I learn what the top 1% of Linkedin users do without spending a bomb?

How do I trigger the Linkedin platform without running the risk of getting banned?

How should I engage with people who like and comment on my posts?

What I should post about in Linkedin?

Where the next leads are coming from?

We can help you with this. 

We can get you more leads on Linkedin with your brand integrity intact. No playing around with risky automation - Russian roulette. Get banned and you miss the opportunity of connecting with +700m people - soon to be a Billion.

How does it work

Watch this to see how it can get results for you...  

01: Training

There is a step by step online training within the Slack workspace. If you need more help, you can have a custom paid training session with me where he will tweak your profile and set up your content strategy. Book it here

02: Onboarding

You will be given a step by step onboarding document and be invited into the Slack workspace where all the magic happens. The onboarding will give you everything you need to be successful. 

03: Direct mentoring

If you are a More Leads Platinum member, Paul will read your posts and leave you specific messages on what actions to take to get more leads.

04: Weekly training

Each week there is a 3-5 minute audio recording of key observations from the group and what you can do to improve your leads. This is world-class.

05: Resources

You will have access to resources to continually stay in the 1% of Linkedin users

06: Community

The trick is to play as a team. If we all play we all benefit. You will meet some amazing people and learn from them as you read, like and comment on their posts. We also show you how to use your Virtual Assistant to reduce your workload. If you don’t have one, we have partners who can help. 

07: Posting

All members will post in a 30min window. We give you a comprehensive template to add your content. We also have scripts for you to follow up on your ideal clients who like and comment on your posts.

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Your Mentor

I am a Lead Generator, Mentor, Podcaster and lover of building relationships on Linkedin. I have over 26 years of rich business experience at Coca-Cola, my own startups and mentoring 100’s of Soloprenuers. I have achieved all of this whilst receiving a kidney transplant from my best mate in February 2019, as mentioned above. Whilst not helping my community and health, I love to spend time with my teenage children and play sport. I am always looking to give first.

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Success Stories

So my posts would *sometimes* get as many as 300 views with maybe 10 likes a one or two comments (usually none). My pod posts are getting between 1900 and 3500 views, in the ’20s for likes and in the teens for comments. I am also getting requests to connect from my target market. Overall an upward trend in the activity.

Donna McGeorge

Last week had 2 posts go into quadruple figures, 12 new leads and doubled my normal new connections for the week yay

Scott Gellatly | Co-Founder Scale My Empire

Thought I would share the results of my post from yesterday. First time I posted in this group. It was a good topic but I am very impressed with the results. Just under 9000 views, 65 likes and about the same number of comments. Right now I’m just building brand awareness and personal profile so not tying it to any sales metrics yet. But it definitely shows the value of what we are doing. Thanks, Paul Higgins

Sholto Macpherson | Cloud Accounting Digital Expert for Digital First

Working with Paul has taken a lot of the mystery out of LinkedIn. I received more engagement in a few weeks of following his approach than I have in several years of doing my own thing.

Brian Donovan | Donovan Leadership


Leverage Paul's 28 years of experience, a proven framework and like-minded peer group to get More Leads to fund your Lifestyle and Give back.