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Congratulations on taking the leap and starting your own business. 

You are brave.  

Despite the initial euphoria of taking this exciting step as a corporate escapee, you probably know it’s not all beer and skittles.  

Chances are, you might be facing some common challenges:

  • Not meeting your revenue targets which impact the income you pay yourself
  • Initial referrals worked well but they are beginning to dry up 
  • Struggling to market yourself and you either have had a bad experience with a marketing agency or you don't have the cash to afford what you need
  • Having a business which is highly dependent on you. You want more hands to help, but who do you trust and how can you find and afford them
  • Your Income generation is potentially tied to the hours you work. How do you get income where you don’t have to be on site
  • Working from home and sometimes feeling isolated and missing the company of others
  • Staying low as want to avoid the inevitable question of ‘how is business going?’ Your ex corporate friends have best intentions, but sometimes it feels like a jibe
  • Feeling the pressure of having to go back to corporate if you keep eating into savings
  • Feeling like you are a failing for the first time in your career
  • Having to live a restricted lifestyle because you are not earning a decent wage
  • Worrying about money 24/7 and the stress impacts your relationship
  • Knowing you need help, but either don’t know who to trust or afford

Does any of this sound familiar to you?  

If it does, it’s OK.  

Escaping corporate to run your own business is one of the hardest things you will ever do.  

Even harder if you try to figure it all out by yourself.  

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are now options to get help.

See, I get it. Because I Was You.

I’m a corporate escapee who wanted to make meaningful work, earn great money, and spend time with my family and manage my health.

But to be brutally honest, it didn’t play out that way for me at the start.

It took me six years of learning from my costly mistakes before I got it right.  

The fights, the anxiety and the dread of going back to corporate were overwhelming at times. I had no option because I felt like I was already in too deep and I was the problem - I was not good enough.  

But that doesn’t have to be for you. There is another way.  

You can save yourself precious time and money and avoid the mistakes I made.  

You can make meaningful work doing what you love, right now.  

Thankfully life has turned the corner for me.

I now have an award-winning podcast, I am featured in some of the best publications on the planet, I spend time helping my local community, I love spending time with my teenage children ( well, most of the time... ) and I just pulled through a major health scare.  

In particular, I love helping intelligent corporate escapees, like you, to build their dream business while working from anywhere in the world.  

They are in control of their work and their finances and the fear of failure is a distant memory.  

Through my combined 25+ years of experience, including 18 as a senior executive at Coca-Cola and 7 years running my own business ( mostly advising small businesses ) , I have created a proven pathway which works - the 5 Rapid Growth Drivers.  

This roadmap, combined with the support of wonderful peers and experts within the BLG mastermind, will give you the knowledge and confidence to achieve minimum 7 figures in revenue, and live the lifestyle you want, quickly.  

Having the money allows you to build a team, pay yourself a wage, and start living the life you dreamt of when you first left corporate.  

I’m here to help. Let’s do this together.

"Paul did a powerful session with me to get clear on my numbers. Together we created a plan to tweak the business - change pricing, clarify my target audience, and work out key suppliers. One was actually a member of the group! Together we formulated a strategy to create a new virtual CMO service and grow my business to six figures within a year. Now I’ve got my first client taking up that service worth over $20,000K."

- Anfernee Chansamooth, Owner and Founder of Simple Creative Marketing

Why BLG Titans Will Work For You

Proven Framework We have developed a proven framework for success, which has helped hundreds of businesses and will help yours straight away.


We help you set clear, achievable targets and keep you on track with weekly calls and community support.


You’re joining a global community of smart, experienced, savvy corporate escapees, who are hugely connected and invested in each others' success.

If you're committed to taking action and building a business and a life you love, this is the place.  

"My favourite part of the BLG Titans is being surrounded by smart, ambitious, motivated and technologically savvy people. Extremely intelligent, well thought out people with more experience that are honestly smarter than me, with the same ex corporate background."

- Nick Baldo, Entrepreneur and Founder of NY Home Solutions, Oakvale Homes & Development and Income Digs

What To Expect From BLG Titans:

  • Save precious time and energy researching resources on your own
  • Never feel alone, as you are surrounded by incredibly smart, ambitious people who get you
  • Have a personal business coach to give you advice, work through your challenges and keep you on track
  • Be directly connected to people with specific skill sets to solve your immediate challenges
  • Be challenged to think big and grow a successful business which is less dependent on you
  • Get time back to travel, relax and spend time with the people you love

Claim Your Spot Now

Applying for BLG Titans is simple.

Step 1 Apply for an interview here.

Step 2 We’ll review your application and advise if you’ve been accepted.

Step 3 Once accepted into the program, you’ll be professionally onboarded. This includes completing a business diagnostic to prepare you for a 1:1 session with Paul, to formulate your first 12-week plan.

Step 4 We then set goals in 3-month blocks, using the 5 Rapid Growth Drivers as a framework to get results, reduce the dependence on you in your business and help you draw a decent wage.

Step 5 You’ll join our weekly calls ( max 1 hour a week ) on a Thursday to update the group on your actions from the last call, your biggest win, your key challenge and the one thing you’ll be accountable for next week. You get a full transcript of the call and specific actions in detailed minutes. Listening to like minded people solving their challenges increasing your chance of success.

Step 6 Group discusssion and direct messaging in our dedicated slack channels.

Step 7 Every 12 weeks we’ll have a 1:1 review with Paul to set specific goals to increase revenue & profit and reduce your working time.

Step 8 You’ll also have unlimited access to BLG Boost, where our exclusive knowledge base, suppliers, and courses are kept.

There is nothing else in the world dedicated to helping corporate escapees like this.

What are you waiting for?


Before BLG Titans, we wondered whether our business could improve or if it even had a future. We feared we’d fail, and that's where Paul came in. Since joining, we've changed so much - had a massive restructuring and become way more productive such as getting a VA and doing high-value work that’s growing the business.

- Andrew Terlich, Owner and Founder of At One Foods