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Well done for being your own boss. It is one of the hardest roles on the planet and when done right, one of the most fulfilling.  

Having worked in 100’s of fellow Corporate Escapees, I know time is one of your biggest challenges.  

You tend to work from home and get distracted by shiny objects which prevent you from selling. It is ok, we all do it.

The is doing something about it! 

Download our free ‘Save 2 hours to double your revenue’ PDF and learn the three secrets to saving you 2 hours a day so you can then focus on activities to double your revenue. 

" I spent too long trying to be all things to all people. It left me feeling like a failure and I was eating away at my savings. I was about to go back to corporate when I came across BLG. The practical nature of the three steps transformed my business and gave me the space to reach the financial independence I always wanted. “ - Scott Gellatly, Scale My Empire Founder.